By Prestwood for Prestwood

Initially this website is targeted at Prestwood residents and we may also consider the immediate villages around Prestwood that are on the HP16 postal code. We will assess how popular it is over the coming months and may open it to a wider audience if it is looking successful with a high take up in the community.

It is a networking tool to help businesses connect with each other. Many organisations are not aware of the services and goods that can be provided locally. This is a way of overcoming that problem, and encouraging people to connect locally as well as nationally.

The service is offered for free by Prestwood Village Association to the HP16 community. We will welcome any donations to help us to promote this service and the other activities Prestwood Village Association is engaged with.

If you would like to make a donation to Prestwood Village Association please contact us through the contact us page.

If you live outside of Prestwood

For the next three months we will only be accepting entries from Prestwood based businesses. Please check back in February 2019. We will review the directory around that time and may start accepting other entries. Please do not add any entries into the directory if you are a) not a subscriber, and b) not based in Prestwood.