Add Your Entry

Creating your entry

To create an entry in the system you first need to create a log in for this site. Once you have that you can create a listing for your business. You can also return to the site later and edit your listing.

You will need to prepare the following information, most of it you will have to hand, but it is worth thinking about the short and long descriptions of your business. After you have created an account there are eleven fields to fill in. Some of them are mandatory and some of them are optional.

At the bottom of this page is a downloadable guide. It will be easier if you download this and print it, as it describes exactly what you need to do to both create a login to this website and also to create a listing in the directory. The whole process can be completed in under 10 minutes.

Once your entry is in the website other businesses and members of the public will be able to contact you through a form associated with your listing.


The Small Print

This is an experimental site. We are offering this service free to local businesses only. Prestwood Village Association reserves the right to deny publication on any proposed listing in, or remove a published listing in consideration of the following:

  • The entry does not relate to a real business
  • The entry contains defamatory language
  • The entry is incomplete
  • The user is not the owner of the business
  • The user is not a Prestwood resident or the business is not located in Prestwood
  • The owner has not subscribed to the Prestwood VIllage Association newsletter
  • If a member of the community makes a legitimate complaint to Prestwood Village Association against the entry.
  • Businesses must honestly represent themselves on this site

Prestwood Village Association may also decide not to continue this website service after a trial period of four months ending September 30th 2018. If we run into a lot of abuse of the system because we have made it free it may be remove before that date in exceptional circumstances.

User Guide

Click on the button below to download your user guide for creating an entry in the Business Directory. The guide is step by step and very easy to follow. We recommend printing in and following the instructions while you are on the website.

User guide at version 1.2:  20th Nov 2018 with several amendments from the first version.